MAAA to partner with AVCRM for new Area Approvals system

The MAAA, in partnership with AVCRM, are proud to announce a brand-new online Area Approvals system.

Designed to streamline the application process, the new system will provide a one stop shop for approvals that is easy to use, intuitive and quick.

“This new partnership between AVCRM and the MAAA will streamline internal club procedure and create an improved compliance and risk management process. This will improve operational and safety standards within the MAAA, ensuring our clubs have greater situational awareness with other airspace users,” Tim Nolan, President of the MAAA, said.

In development for more than 12 months, the custom-built program will manage all of the MAAA Area Approvals with CASA. Access to the system will be free of charge to the 350+ MAAA clubs, and training will begin in December 2022 before being rolled out further in January.

AVCRM has a combined 70 years of experience in aviation, with AVCRM CEO Jonathan King saying he was looking forward to working with the MAAA as the program was implemented.

“Model aircraft have long stood as the grass roots of the drone industry,” said CEO Jonathan King.

“We are pleased to provide this service to the MAAA and expand the AVCRM network.”

If you would like to explore AVCRM you can log onto the website directly at

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