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The MAAA is the largest aeromodelling organisation in Australia and encourages and supports Australians to enjoy aeromodelling in a safe and fun environment.

By providing a management structure, technical expertise and club management support, it makes it easier for clubs to grow and manage their sport.

As a leading expert the MAAA help clubs provide the best advice, instructors and knowledge base so you can safely learn to fly and enjoy your sport. You can undertake pilot training, get your wings, or even become an Instructor or Inspector.

For safe flying our Manual of Procedures is the most comprehensive in the country and helps take care of paperwork, giving you more time to fly at your club.

You'll also find plenty of hot tips on flying through our education section and digital magazine Wingspan.

By being the voice of our sport we innovate, lead, grow and protect the future of the aeromodelling for current and future members.

The MAAA knows members want to be heard – and we're here to listen. We want to find new ways to talk so we can deliver the support that clubs and members need. After all, the passion and pride you have in your sport will affect the future of aeromodelling across the country.

To share your news on aeromodelling you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can continue to talk.

Aeromodelling is about more than sport, it's about friendships and a local, supportive community. Please, consider joining the MAAA to experience the thrill of flying.

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