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To support our clubs, in the past four years the MAAA has distributed more than $1 million funding to sponsor public events, provide short-term loans and to buy flying fields for our members.

In 2023 our Club Assistance Scheme will provide those clubs who applied under the scheme with the opportunity to share in $100,000 to fund light construction projects and asset purchases (such as lawn movers, water tanks and irrigation systems).

Our clubs provide a safe place to fly and have recognised flight instructors to help you get your wings. We provide the tools you need to manage your club, from management systems to technical expertise, making it easier for you to enjoy your sport and clock up more flight hours.

To help you grow your club grow, the MAAA has provided some advice on how to write a press release that will help local clubs promote their events, and ultimately, our sport. We've also compiled some other useful guides:

Our Manual of Procedures provides the most comprehensive outline in the country on administrative matters that clubs need to deal with. We help you take care of the paperwork, so you have more time to fly.

The MAAA is here to help you grow and manage your club. Our club assistance scheme can help you provide the best facilities for your members and promote our exciting sport.

You can also apply for funds (short-term or long-term loans) for all sorts of projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Light construction projects: for example clubhouse building extensions, security fences, pilot boxes, set-up or maintenance benches.
  • Asset purchases: such as lawn mowers, water tanks and irrigation systems.
  • Fun activities that promote the sport: we can help you fund everything that goes along with an open day or club activity, from advertisements and trophies to shade structures and portable toilets for the crowds.

Find out more about the MAAA Club Assistance Scheme now

Remember, we also provide loans (at minimal interest). To find our more and see eligible projects click here.

Stormy weather? The MAAA can guide your club through turbulence.

On top of helping to fund your activities, the MAAA can be relied on to help you handle tough issues.

From risk management to helping with safety accidents or incidents, event management and liaising with your local community and council on issues including urban encroachment and noise, our leading experts can provide advice and advocacy to support your members.

Take a look at Wingspan, our e-magazine, to see some common club concerns.

Another aspect of our business concerns CASA. The MAAA is the only national body in Australia that is recognised by CASA as a model aviation Recreational Aviation Administrative Organisation.

Because of this we bring your club the freedom to carry out public displays and night flying, without having to apply to CASA for permits, which involve costs. We are able to negotiate on behalf of your club with area and airspace issues as well as being in a position to submit recommendations on changes to regulations when safety issues arise.

By working together you'll get all the support your members need to take to the skies.

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