2022 Club Assistance Scheme

Get access to the best facilities to fly, build models and form great friendships.

The 2022 Club Assistance Scheme has opened.

Flying with the MAAA is about fun, friendship and camaraderie- keeping the airways safe to ensure the sport you love continues to soar now and into the future. Many members are aware of the services we provide, offering insurance for your protection and peace of mind. But our services for members extend far beyond insurance. The annual Club Assistance Scheme has been designed to give members access to financial assistance and support so you can enjoy the adrenalin rush of the sport with the best facilities and flying fields.

At the MAAA, we recognise that for aeromodelling to continue in the future, it is vital that we invest in model aircraft flying fields, as well as providing money for direct assistance to clubs for the purpose of improving club facilities.

Over the past five years the scheme has distributed over $300,000 to clubs, supporting over 125 club projects, including the purchase of firefighting equipment, the construction of shaded areas and toilet blocks as well as lawn mowers to improve the flying fields and the quality of the landing.

The 2022 Club Assistance Scheme officially opened in February. To help clubs prepare a submission for the scheme, we have compiled a ‘how to’ guide to make the process a lot easier for you.

What sort of things will the funding pay for?

There are various things within a club that the Assistance Scheme can go towards to help in developing and improving model aircraft flying sites and club facilities. Here are some examples of projects the Club Assistance Scheme can help clubs with;

  • Light construction projects- club house building extensions, safety and or/security fencing, pilot boxes, set up or maintenance benches.
  • Asset Purchases-storage containers, lawn mowers, water tanks, irrigation systems, solar power, windsocks, first-aid kits, trainer aircraft.
  • Earthworks- grading services, purchase of soil and road base, grass seeds and fertilisers, trees and plants.
  • Activities- open days, advertisements, trophies and prizes, hire of portable facilities, electricity generators, temporary seating and temporary shade structures.
  • Administration- club establishment costs, council development applications, acoustic engineering reports, environmental impact assessments.
  • Emergency Assistance- expenses faced by clubs which might require assistance as a result of flood, fire, disasters or criminal activities ( which may not be covered under the MAAA Property Insurance).

How much funding can you get?

Applicants must submit a comprehensive business case through the relevant Ordinary Member/State Association. The MAAA Executive will review applications and make recommendations to the MAAA Council Conference held in May. They will also detail the extent to which the MAAA can assist. The total amount of assistance to clubs annually will be approved by the MAAA Council and is limited to a maximum of $5,500 including GST.

How to make an application.

Taking advantage of the scheme requires following a few simple procedures intended to ensure applications are submitted and processed in a transparent manner. To be eligible for the Club Assistance Scheme, individual clubs must satisfy the following criteria;

  • They are a Model Aircraft Club affiliated with the MAAA
  • The club also has financial support from their State Association for the project identified in their application
  • Support and promote the philosophy of retaining and gaining new members through the promotion of recognized aeromodelling disciplines

An application will be submitted with a complete business case to the MAAA executive for consideration. The business case will outline the following;

  • Specific purpose of the funding including all elements of the proposed project/projects
  • The amount of funding required, including a breakup of any additional financial assistance that is being sort from other sources (e.g. State Association, club members, Government assistance, etc)
  • All person/s employed/contracted to supply services to the application
  • Future plans for the development of the club including future funding requirements and activities intended to help grow club membership
  • Proposed membership activities targeted at increasing membership. g. “Have a go” days, events for MAAA Special Interest Groups, local community engagement events, etc
  • Details of current and future events held by the club
  • The number of current and past members of the club

The MAAA executive will assess applications based on merit and present recommendations to the MAAA council for approval. The MAAA Secretary will advise successful clubs of the decision and unsuccessful clubs will be invited to try again the following year.

For more information contact your state association or phone the MAAA Secretary, Mr Greg Petherick on 0499 298 555.

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