Why Renew?

Are you looking forward to flying with your mates and achieving even more thrilling take-offs at your friendly MAAA club in 2021 and 2022?

MAAA clubs are all about a unique community of fun flying and camaraderie. Renewing your membership with the largest, most renowned aeromodelling organisation in Australia means you can take to the skies, confident that you are in the safest possible hands.

For over 75 years, the MAAA has focused on providing our members with the best possible flying experience. Our proud heritage comes from the large collective knowledge held and passed down by generations of our members. This enables MAAA clubs and the MAAA community to deliver the best flying experience in the country and protect our sport well into the future.

It is also a community that embraces the largest range of model flying disciplines that includes radio control, aerobatics, jets, helicopters, gliders, control line and FPV flying, (to name just a few).

The MAAA relies on your flying experience and skill to help us innovate, as well as lead and protect the future of our sport, enjoyed by 10,000 members.

Each year, from our member survey, we notice an increase in satisfaction and membership loyalty. Comments provided by members continue to be positive and constructive. Rest assured, we have been listening to your feedback and hope you can appreciate that as we’re a volunteer based organisation, sometimes it can take time to execute your ideas.

We wanted to reiterate that our membership fees are much more then simply providing insurance. It’s also about advocating on our members’ behalf. For example, the MAAA has worked closely with CASA to protect the enjoyment of your sport. They’ve been actively engaged with CASA on your behalf to ensure such things as: appropriate height extension approval and FPV line of sight exemptions and night flying exemption, backed by a comprehensive Manual of Procedures.

Reasons to renew your MAAA membership:

  • The only industry body that works with CASA and the government to protect your sport.
  • Better training programs and a Wings proficiency scheme to get you up to speed and in the air faster.
  • Safer flights with more robust operating procedures and a proactive incident investigation system.
  • The largest range of modelling disciplines from radio control, aerobatics, jets and FPV flying, for which the MAAA holds a CASA Exemption, ensuring our members can operate outdoors.
  • More aeromodelling events for pilots and spectators to attend both in Australia and overseas.
  • Annual Club Assistance Scheme that provides financial assistance to clubs for the improvement of their facilities, along with the investment of model aircraft flying sites across Australia.
  • The most comprehensive insurance for aeromodellers in the country, with no excess.
  • The only organisation that enables you to fly competitively on the international stage.

Another very important benefit is that the MAAA is the ONLY Australian Association to provide its members with a CASA Issued Exemption for the recreational use of First Person View model/drone.

What’s more, with major events, such as the MAAA National Model Aircraft Championships, Dawn Patrol, Scale Aerobatics National Championships and the Royal Adelaide Show FAI FPV World Cup amongst other exciting annual events, you have even more reason to renew your membership.

But don’t take our word for it…

Here’s what some of our loyal MAAA members have recently said about our organisation:

“With membership not only do you have the possibility to fly with your club on a field but you also get insurance, along with a training program with a gold, bronze and silver Wings system. This is a good thing as you can fly somewhere else and you simply show your ‘Wings’ to let everybody know you can fly.”

Member of Warringah Radio Control Society in Sydney Michal Kowalski

“The MAAA are ensuring that we are treated fairly in this process and that when there are new rules we have our say too. It’s all peace-of-mind, so when I fly at a field I know it’s safe and secure to fly as it’s a CASA-approved field.”

Member Michal

“We stay loyal to what we know, we’re very happy with the comprehensive insurance they offer, along with all the MAAA sanctioned events and that’s the reason why we’re proud to remain with the MAAA.”

Member of Gladstone Aero-modelling Society Dwayne Josefski

How do I renew?

Firstly have a friendly chat to your club about your membership renewal. You should then be provided with paperwork to complete and a renewal fee to pay. (Fees are decided at the Annual Executive Conference in May each year.) Your club will send your application to the State Association, who will work with the MAAA to process the membership renewal. The MAAA will then issue your membership cards accordingly with the information you provide. Therefore, it is important that as a member you confirm with your club your correct details every year to continue to receive direct communication from your club, state association and the MAAA.

So, talk to your club about renewing your membership with the MAAA today, to ensure you can continue to take advantage of all the unique benefits of aeromodelling and keep our sport in the Australian and international skies for our future generation.

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