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We have some exciting stories we are pulling out of the archives as we reflect on our heritage. 

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The History of the Hobart Model Aero Club as recalled by Garth Wilmot

Screen Shot 2017 09 14 at 3.10.27 pmI will start with the story of my early involvement in HMAC as I recall it.

After meddling with solid scale models and some rubber powered model with limited success I was introduced to control-line models in 1948 by a work colleague, the late Lawrie Baxter.


Peter Barclay's Memoirs of an Aeromodeller


 In 1948, my classmate, Colin Borthwick and I had heard about this new Control Line flying at Balmoral oval, right opposite the beach and naval depot. Colin later became a leading light in the Queensland “Vintagencia”, flying R/C assist old time free flighters, before sadly dying of kidney failure in about 1996.

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