President’s Update: 2018 MAAA Council Conference

Screen Shot 2017 06 01 at 2.06.00 pmThe 2018 Annual MAAA Council Conference was held in Adelaide over the weekend of May 19th and 20th, in which Presidents and other executives from all states attended.

The members who participate at the conference are the management board of the MAAA and decisions made must be made in the best interest of the MAAA. This is not to say that submissions and ideas from individual states are not considered during any debate. The annual council conference is in fact the annual general meeting of the association. 

Annual reports were tabled and accepted by Council members. These included reports from the President, Secretary and of course the Treasurer and auditor’s reports. Other reports were received in respect to the MAAA owned flying fields, state associations, special interest groups and the 70th MAAA Nationals. All reports will be published on the MAAA website in due course.

A summary of the important decisions made during the conference is outlined below:

71st MAAA National Model Aircraft Championships in 2019

New South Wales Free Flight (NSWFF) submitted a proposal to conduct the 71st MAAA Nationals at West Wyalong, nominating for it to be held just after Easter 2019. The Council agreed and gave the go-ahead to commence planning. Further information will be provided as the plans progress. If NSWFF can build on the success of the 70th Nationals, I believe it will be an event to attend.

Membership Fees

Fees are naturally one of the most important issues that all members are interested in. Council agreed the fees for the 2018 - 2019-membership year would remain unchanged: Seniors $60.00 and Juniors $30.00.

President and Vice President Elections

As I have indicated in previous correspondence, it was my intention to stand down this year. However, all best laid plans at times become unravelled. No other nominations were received, and I was re-elected to the position of President for another three years.
I intimated to Council that this would be my final term.

  • Vice President: I am pleased to announce that Mr. Bruce Hoffman was elected as Vice President. Bruce has been a member of council for many years and is also the President of the Control Line Aircraft Society, NSW. Bruce participates in all aspects of aeromodelling and will be a welcomed addition to the Executive.
  • Secretary: During the conference, the Council officially recognised Mr. Tyson Dodd as the new MAAA Secretary. Tyson will commence working with the MAAA on the 1st of June and take over full time duties in November when the current secretary retires.
  • Safety Manager: With the introduction of CASR Part 149, the MAAA will be required to appoint a Safety Manager. Council agreed that Mr. Kevin Dodd will hold this position during the implementation period.

Purchase of MAAA State flying field

Model Aero Sport South Australia (MASA) presented a business case for authorisation to purchase an MAAA State flying field in the Fleurieu Peninsula (south of Adelaide). Full details of the land and future potential was circulated. Council agreed to set aside funds for this purchase and for purchase to be made on satisfaction of all conditions of the contract; the most important being unrestricted use as a model aircraft site.


Insurance quotations for the 2018 - 2019 year were received and considered. It was noted that rises in premiums occurred in the Personal Accident Policy due to a serious incident during 2017 and the Industrial Special Risk policy (Club Property Insurance) as a result of a few high claims. Overall, insurance premiums increased by approximately $15,000. The Insurance for 2018 - 2019 has been put in place.

Funding for overseas contestants

The amount of funding for overseas contestants was considered and a motion was put by Victoria Model Aeronautical Association (VMAA) to increase the funding, however this motion was defeated. Funding for overseas contestants remain the same as those in 2017-2018.

Privacy Controls on the MAAA Membership Database

Motions were presented in respect to Privacy Controls on the MAAA Membership Database and the terms of reference of MAAA Marketing. Some working groups will be established to examine these issues.

Online membership renewal project

Information was provided concerning the online membership renewal project. A trial program, run by MASA and Aeromodellers Northern Territory, was approved and will commence in the 2019 membership year.

Park Flyer program and the incorporation of drone technology

A motion was presented by Model Aeronautical Association Queensland (MAAQ) to review all aspects of a Park Flyer program and the incorporation of drone technology. The MAAQ is currently exploring possibilities with several local councils. The Council approved a working party be established and a pilot program to be trialled.

Hall of Fame

I am pleased to announce that Daniel Arapakis was inducted into the MAAA Hall of Fame for his achievements in the 2017 F3D (Pylon Racing) Championships. Daniel won the junior event and is now the junior world championship. We all congratulate Daniel on his success.

Re-qualification of MAAA Instructors

The Executive, on behalf of the Senior Flying Instructors, presented a motion requiring the re-qualification of MAAA Instructors after the expiration of five years. The purpose of the motion was to ensure that MAAA Instructors are professionally competent and up to date. These attributes will be required under CASR Part 149. Council discussed the motion and agreed all current MAAA Instructors will need to requalify by the 1st July 2020 or the qualification will lapse. It will be reinstated on completion of the refresher course.

A Final Word

In closing, I would like to thank both Egon Kuster for his presentation relating to the MAAA and the Drone Community and Mike O’Reilly for his presentation on the commercial future of aeromodelling. Their frank and open views on the future direction of the MAAA were well received.

Best Regards

Neil Tank


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