October President's Message

October President’s message.

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Hello all and welcome to another email

I for one am glad to see daylight savings kick in (except for those of you that don’t get this bonus!)  The warmer weather and longer days mean we might get more time to fly.

I’d also like to thank the team at the Shepparton Mammoth Scale Fly in for welcoming me when I travelled down to visit last month. The weather did not deter the crowds or the pilots and there were some fantastic displays put on over the weekend, including by recently returned international champs David and Melissa Law.


75th celebrations
Congratulations to all those clubs who have already run a 75th celebration event.  There has been some great projects undertaken, from pilots dinners to gliders staying aloft for 75 minutes.  Stickers to celebrate the 75th have been ordered and are expected to arrive next few weeks – these will be dispatched asap.  Pins have also been ordered and will be sent out next month, as they take a little longer to manufacture.
We have set the cut off date for events for the end of the year, so you still have time to plan something to encourage new members while celebrating the old.  Email Rhyll for a copy of the form if you don’t already have it.


Click here to read all about the Kingaroy Aeromodellers 75th celebration


Keith Quigg appointed as MAAA Member Services Officer 

Under the Proposed Changes to Executive Structure document, a Member Services Position was flagged as a necessary step forward for the MAAA structure.
Keith Quigg has been approached about taking on the position and is happy with the appointment. 
You can contact Keith by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Let's get to know Keith ...

"Like most aeromodellers of my age, I started building and flying models several decades ago and have been lucky enough to see our sport evolve into the high-quality products that we have today.
I began flying radio-controlled models on the tidal mud flats of Gladstone in central Queensland in 1975 and have never looked back. Along with Neil Hansen and Bill Heiniger, we were founding members of the Kingaroy Aero Modellers Society in 1983 along with guidance from Mr Ron Chastel from the MAAQ. I was a member of many clubs in Queensland after that including the Callide Valley, Rockhampton and then Townsville clubs. My career in electrical projects took me far and wide, but a model plane was always close by.
I was president of the Townsville Aeromodellers Society for a few years and took a role the President of the MAAQ in 2013 after serving as Vice President.
I now call Melbourne home and have been a member of the P&DARCS for 6 years and I’m now in my second year as president of that great club. A strong committee means we are forging ahead with lots of ideas to make certain we retain a strong following as we move forward.
My workshop these days contains a bit of everything from large scale composite sailplanes, glider tow planes, scale models, aerobats and turbines. Certainly, a far cry from the Aeroflyte Hustlers, Geminis and Tridents, but still the passion remains.
This same commitment and passion is important to the MAAA, and all of our members have a role to play to ensure aeromodelling in all disciplines has a strong future. The Member Services role will allow me to reach out to everyone and help build that future and I look forward to meeting as many of our members as possible."

2022 MAAA Conference:
The outcomes from the 2022 Conference are now on the MAAA website, along with the Presidents and Treasurer’s reports.  The financial reports have been completed - along with the Auditors report - and these were accepted at the Council meeting.
Your Council members have voted to continue to meet in person, and the next conference will be held in Melbourne 20-21 May 2023.


Membership system update:

The MAAA is moving to a new Membership system in the next few months.  The new system is called Member Jungle and for almost all the MAAA members, moving to the new system will be the first time members can see all their information and lots more.
This is like getting a new car - it's something to look forward to.  The new system has newer features and accessories - but fundamentally it is still the same as the last motor car.  The new system will have a similar look and feel of the old membership system, but will come with ad-ons such as event links, group messaging, incident reporting, wing forms and lots more.

Member Jungle is intended to make it easier for members, clubs, and those wanting to join for the first time.  

This year the MAAA issued electronic cards but going forward the new system will automatically generate these when you renew or join a club. If you are worried about the 'technology' side of things, don't be!  Fellow club members will be able to review simple details of your membership and will be able to help those who are not comfortable getting start.

Additional information will be available from your club and Association over the coming weeks - there will also be some 'how to use' tutorials available in hard copy form, along with some online sessions for those who prefer an interactive experience. 

If you have had a change in your club can you please advise the State Association and the MAAA so we can send correspondence to your current executives.  This will also let us update the MAAA website so we can direct any enquiries to the right people
If you applying to become a Heavy Model Inspector make sure your applications has supporting material against the selections criteria outlined in the MOP.
We have also been asked to remind all members all communication for CASA must go via your State Association and the MAAA.  Going around may well result in delays with your applications


The Western Port Model Aircraft Club recently held a fantastic event for local kids.  Huge thanks to Garry Zerbe, club Registrar, for providing this lovely story.  Click the link below to read 

Click here to read about the recent event for kids at the Western Port Model Aircraft Club



Please send Rhyll an email if you have an event poster we can share with


FAI F3A World Champs
The FAI have announced a new date for the 2023 FAI F3A World Championship being hosted in Australia. The new dates are: August 18 – August 26.

FPV Instrument:
The MAAA has had its FPV instrument renewed, with one major change: there is to be no more flying parks/private locations unless CASA has been notified prior.  While this will upset some, it is important to remember that parks/private locations CAN be listed with CASA, so can be included under MAAA membership.  We are the only organisation that has an FPV instrument.
Mitch will be in contact with Drone clubs to discuss the changes and what is required.

NSIG/SIG list:
We are trying to complete a detailed and correct list of NSIGs’ (National Special Interest Groups) and SIG’s (Special Interest Group). We currently have the following:

  • AFFS
  • ASAA
  • LSF
  • CL
  • AEFA
  • SAM1788
  • PJAA
  • APA
  • VJAA

If there are some we are missing, or you have lists of the committee for the above, please let Rhyll know.

The best point of contact for the MAAA is through the Secretary Office.  
Got a story to share?  Send an email.  Got an event coming up?  Send an email.  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Until next time, happy flying! 
Tim Nolan, MAAA President

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